Our Clean Water Campaign Progress

$360$100,000 (10 communities)

Ride for Water's History

Ride for Water began in 2012 when five college students learned about the global water crisis. Wanting to take action, they decided to bike across the United States to raise awareness. In May of 2013, the team departed, raising over $37,500 for clean water along the way. Every year since then, other teams have followed suit, continuing to expand, fundraise, and ride. Today, Ride for Water is a network of difference-makers that have collectively raised over $250,000 toward clean water projects—and they're not quitting anytime soon.

Why do we ride?

The craziest thing we can do is nothing. That is why we have committed to ride our bikes 3,220 miles this summer to raise awareness and fundraise for clean water projects through charity: water. We know riding our bikes across the country won’t solve the global water crisis, but we believe that we can make a difference in the conversations, and the money we raise along the way.

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