California Route

Riding from Bodega Bay, CA to New York, NY - all in the name of clean water.

Rider // Stockton, CA

“I’m doing Ride for Water to try and do my part in putting an end to the global water crisis. It was awesome to see teams in the past work so hard for such an awesome cause and I now hope to do the same.”


Driver // Garden Grove, CA

“I am taking part in Ride for Water to spread awareness to as many people I can reach, including: friends, family, and those who we’ll be coming in contact with on the ride. I believe that with everyone’s help, we are able to make significant strides to end the global water crisis.”


Rider // Lakewood, CA

“I believe that clean, safe drinking water changes everything. Women and children often spend hours each day, breaking their backs to carry dirty water home. This keeps them from working and going to school, further perpetuating the cycle of poverty. I am doing Ride for Water because I believe clean, safe water is pro-women, pro-children, pro-humanity. It has the power to change lives and change communities. Furthermore, my faith calls me to care for my brothers and sisters around the world and Ride for Water is one way I can do that. I want to end the global water crisis and I believe, together, we can do that in this lifetime.”


Rider // Long Beach, CA

“I chose to do Ride for Water because the global water crisis has been a cause I have cared about for a long time. I hope for this trip to not only be a means to raise money and support charity: water and their great mission, but also to raise awareness in our communities and those across the nation. I believe that this adventure will inspire people to fight for this great cause not only today, but for years to come.”



Driver // Gilroy, CA

“I am a part of Ride for Water because I desire to educate and raise awareness on the global water crisis by being an obedient steward of God and empower other individuals along the ride to be active and involved with this issue as well.”


Driver // Palos Verdes, CA

“After learning more about the Global water crisis, I believe that each human on this earth should have this necessity of clean water in their life. As an American, I take clean water for granted by having it each day right in the house. I want to help spread awareness of the global water crisis in order to create an earth where people don’t need to worry about having this life necessity”


Rider // Lakewood, CA

“Ride for Water has been a learning opportunity for me. I’ve had my eyes opened to the global water crisis, an inhumane problem that is occurring now as I sit here comfortably. It is a blessing to be part of a team that is working to be a part of the solution. Now and in the future, I am stoked to converse with our friends, families, and strangers to continue to raise awareness, and compel others to be a part of the solution as well.”