Oregon Route

Riding from Cannon Beach, OR to New York, NY - all in the name of clean water.

Rider // Glendora, CA

“I am doing Ride for Water because I want to see the world become a better place and drastically change. I believe it is not as hard to change the world as it sounds. We think it is so unattainable but that is just because nobody is doing anything! We can see the world water crisis end in our lifetime! And, water is just a stepping stone, with clean water, girls have access to more education which helps protect them from sex trafficking. Clean water eliminates hundreds of illnesses and diseases. Clean water allows communities to not have to worry about meeting their basic needs and they can focus on developing their communities. Clean water paves the way for so much global change, that is why I am riding for water!”


Rider // Walnut Creek, CA

“I joined Ride for Water in hope that my team and I would learn how to advocate and partner with others to fight a cause that is larger than any one of us. Clean water is a human right and all people deserve access to it. Although our ride is not going to end the water crisis it is a way that we, as a team, can join the fight. “


Rider // Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“charity: water sees the global thirst for water and fights against the uphill battle of expensive costs and difficult end-goals, but they do not lose sight of their mission statement of how “the craziest thing we can do is nothing.” Creatively, both Ride for Water and charity: water see the passion in communities that desire clean water systems and take action. Biking across the country in a little over 50 days may sound crazy, but the craziest thing we can do is nothing.”


Driver // Lafayette, CA

“I am doing Ride for Water because I believe that having access to clean water is a basic human right. One of the things that we can do to assist in ending the global water crisis is by spreading awareness among those that we meet. ”



Rider // Rialto, CA

“I believe clean water is something no human being should ever have to be without. The people of these communities and their stories matter and one day they will all be heard. Through Ride for Water people will once again be able to have access to their basic human right, clean drinking water.”


Driver // Sacramento, CA

“As a future healthcare professional, the global water crisis causes a health concern that I cannot ignore. It is a tragedy that more individuals are dying from preventable diseases related to unclean water than all forms of violence. Not only can clean water save lives, but it can also return time to individuals, particularly women and children. I strongly believe access to clean water should be a human right, not a privilege. I have felt a strong pull to give back with my time and resources, and I can’t think of a better way than to participate in the work charity: water is doing.”