The Men's Team


Rider // Solvang, CA

When Sam joined the team, he didn’t have a day of cycling experience, but he did know one thing: people matter. Sam is humbled to be fighting for clean water for those who need it most. Sam believes deeply that change emerges when individuals leave their comfort zones—and this journey will do just that. When not trying to install children’s training wheels on his road bike, Sam can be found surfing epic waves, designing shirts, shredding on drums for his church, hunting for the best burrito in California, cheering on the Anaheim Ducks, or cracking jokes with his family.


Rider // Phoenix, AZ

Jimmy is passionate about building people up to live their best possible life at their fullest potential. He is passionate about clean water because it is a basic resource that some communities lack and are therefore held back from achieving great things. While Jimmy has been cycling with his father for the past couple years, he is stoked to continue to grow with the Ride for Water team. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, one can usually find Jimmy around an ice rink, as he is an avid hockey fan. His special skills include driving a Zamboni but this summer he will be trading in his Zamboni keys for a bike to help raise awareness for clean water.


Rider // Sammamish, WA

Erik wants to see real and simple change come to the world, and is motivated by the fact that the clean water crisis is such a basic need that can be easily solved. Erik is a biblical studies major who hopes to be a pastor one day, after he graduates in the spring. His love for people has always been present, but he has never gone on an adventure like this to help people before. Erik grew up mountain biking, but has not hopped on a bike in five years—so he is eager to train and see what cycling is all about.


Rider // Northridge, CA

Luke wants to live in a world where people are not surprised when you tell them you have given up your agenda for others. He wants to see the people around him spending time every day helping those who need it in their communities, and also in those around the world. He comes from a background in mission work and spent multiple years living in different third-world countries meeting community needs and working to understand the needs that dominate our world.


Rider // San Jose, CA

Joey is a graduating senior who comes from San Jose, Ca. He has not ridden a bicycle in 12 years, and he finds the purpose of Ride for Water more important than his lack of experience. Joey loves building character through physical challenges, solo-camping, taking apart his Jeep, and jumping into difficult tasks headfirst. He believes clean water is a basic human right, and Ride for Water is his opportunity to do something about it.


Driver // Kirkland, WA

James is continually awed by generous people and hopes to live with generosity as a common theme in his life. He first learned about the water crisis in the fourth grade and has since been involved in various campaigns to provide awareness and raise money for wells. James is a Seattle native who enjoys spending time inside because it’s raining, teaching people how to Dougie, recreation sports, stargazing and traveling. As a driver on this year’s team he is thrilled by the opportunity to network in communities across the United States and help raise awareness for clean water.


Driver // San Francisco, CA

Gary was raised in the Bay Area and is graduating with a Sociology degree. He is an easygoing guy who loves road tripping with people, camping with people, meeting new people, taking photos with people, and quite often, walking on lines of rope with people (slacklining). As a driver on this year’s team, he is excited to connect with individuals that he anticipates to meet all over the country. Although he sometimes doesn’t know how to cut a conversation off and is left listening to people for hours, he knows that it’s all worth it to spread awareness about the need for clean water.

The Women's Team


Rider // Longview, WA

Julia is excited to travel across the country on a bike to raise money for clean water projects through charity: water. She believes that access to clean water is a basic human right that should not be exploited by violence, competition, or unequal distribution. While Julia grew up riding bikes with her dad in Longview, WA, she never rode more than 30 miles before this trip. When she isn’t studying, you can find her watching sunsets with friends, playing geography games, catching up on current events, or watching reruns of Friends for hours.


Rider // University Place, WA

Jena is a Pacific Northwest native that digs early mornings, airports, extra guac, Steinbeck, genuine conversation, and can make a killer box of Kraft mac & cheese. As a lover of all things active, she’s excited for the challenge of riding miles on end. Jena is a firm believer in empowering people through business and telling important stories—especially the ones about the power of clean water in people’s lives. Jena is eager, inspired, and thankful to be embracing the grand adventure of cycling from coast to coast with a group of stellar men and women for one common good: to be spreading the story of the possibility of clean water for all.


Rider // Lake Forest, CA

After graduation, Christianna wants to pursue a career where she can help people become their best selves. After witnessing the global water crisis in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, she wanted to join the fight for clean water. Riding across the country provides an avenue to share with others the stories of those she met in South Africa who had no choice but to drink unclean water. Although the world of cycling is very new to her, she could not be more grateful for the opportunity she has been given to partner with charity: water to help end the fight for clean water.


Rider // Chino Hills, CA

Through her studies in microbiology, parasitology, and conversations with professors, Jess became aware of the advocacy gap in healthcare globally, especially when it comes to clean water. She is inspired through charity: water and believes access to safe drinking water is a basic human right. Although Jess has been running for years, she is humbled by the opportunity to hang up her running shoes for a bike to ride with the purpose of people in mind. When she isn’t studying, Jess is often digging into breakfast foods, in a rock climbing gym, or grabbing coffee with friends.


Driver // Bakersfield, CA

Laura cares deeply about people and loves to serve. Many women and young girls spend their days journeying to retrieve drinkable water. Laura believes that the water crisis is not just a health issue, but a women’s issue as well. She is humbled knowing that her and her team’s efforts will allow many women and young girls to receive an education that can alter the trajectory of their lives forever! When she is not driving for Ride for Water, you can find Laura going on late night car rides, eating tacos, and spending hours finding new crafts on Pinterest!


Driver // San Jose, CA

Courtney is stoked to join the Ride for Water team as a driver! Though she may not be a professional NASCAR driver, she has plenty of experience driving people crazy. She can be found rooting for the San Jose sharks, snacking on Goldfish, and drinking coffee like her life depends on it (because it kind of does). As a child, her church emphasized the need to provide clean water to those who need it and she was able to aid in this effort as she grew up. Courtney believes that everyone should have access to clean drinking water and is looking forward to contributing to this cause in a totally new way.