The Women's Team


Rider // Pittsburgh, PA

Kara has never met a cup of coffee that she didn’t like, a podcast that didn’t bore her, and oh did we mention she has never ridden a bike more than 10 miles? Kara believes that water is a basic human right that everyone deserves. She is honored to give 50 days of sore legs and cruising coast to coast to bring awareness to the global water crisis. When Kara is not trying to remember how to ride a bike, you can find her hanging out with her corgi, practicing her acrobatic skills, searching for the best oat milk latte in LA, and trying to be the most sarcastic person in the room.


Rider // La Verne, CA

Mikayla has spent her time in college studying Music and Entrepreneurship and is honored to be a part of Ride for Water upon graduating this Spring! When she’s not making latte’s at your local coffee shop you can find her napping, listening to jazz, and daydreaming of her next big trip that she probably can’t afford.  She believes that creativity is medicine for the soul and is passionate about using the arts to lift people up and empower them to share their stories and connect with one another. Mikayla is intrigued by non-profit business and human rights and heard about charity: water’s mission through the stories of friend’s who have done Ride for Water in years past. Through these conversations and learning more on the global water crisis, she is incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside this team to help bring lasting changes to communities around the globe.



Rider // Rialto, CA

Jazmine can either be found playing her cello or eating a bean burrito, but if you’re lucky enough you can catch her doing both at the same time. Besides taking naps on the floors of the practice rooms, she is passionate about running, boba, the mountains, all things vegan, and human rights. Jazmine believes clean water is something no human being should ever have to be without. The people of these communities and their stories matter and one day they will all be heard. Through Ride for Water people will once again be able to have access to their basic human right, clean drinking water. This cycling adventure is just the beginning for Jazmine.


Rider // Sacramento, CA

Whitney is a spitfire that is always looking for new adventures. She is a big health and fitness guru who can put away a plate of food within minutes. She enjoys being around people and being a part of something bigger than herself. Whitney is so thankful for the ability and the opportunity to cycle across the United States with her team for a cause she strongly believes in. She believes that access to clean water is a natural right, and no one should have to worry about where they are going to get their drinking water from. Whitney knows that she can’t make a difference alone, but with the help of her team and supporters she hopes to be able to raise money and awareness about the global water crisis.


Rider // Santa Barbara, CA

Allie is what one would coin a “non-traditional” student, if you will. After a few transfers and a few years off, she will graduate with a BA in Communication Studies and a Ph.D. in procrastination. She is passionate about finding meaning in small moments, the art of conversation, and working to think with a larger perspective. She has been captivated by the mission of Ride for Water from previous teams that have openly demonstrated their desire to make a change. It was through these conversations that she learned about the global water crisis and was moved to do something about it. During her free time, you can find Allie swimming in the ocean, sneaking into a concert, or shredding on her RipStik.  


Rider // Apple Valley, CA

Carolina has always wanted to bike across the country ever since her papaw told her he did it in college. When she heard about Ride for Water, it was an opportunity she could not pass up. She is so honored to bike across the country to raise money for clean water. Water is something she takes for granted and after hearing about the water crisis around the world, she is grateful to be able to help any way possible. If you are ever looking for her, the gym is the first place you should look! When not at the gym, she is doing acrobatics, on a walk, napping or spending time with her friends laughing uncontrollably.


Driver // Santa Rosa, CA

Morgan is super stoked to be joining the Ride for Water team as a driver! She is from Santa Rosa, Ca, and is graduating with a Public Relations degree. She drinks coffee as if her life depended on it and she loves road tripping, being outdoors, taking photos, meeting new people, and is always up for a new adventure. Morgan is really excited to connect with people all over the country throughout the ride and do what she loves while spreading awareness about the global water crisis. She believes access to clean water is a basic human right and strongly believes that Ride for Water is her opportunity to do something about it.


Driver // Colorado Springs, CO

Val recently finished a study abroad program in Rwanda where she has been working on her global studies degree. When she returns to the US she is stoked to join the team as one of this year’s drivers! She loves traveling, meeting new people, saying hi to every dog she sees, and quoting movies in every conversation. Her whole life she has felt that people should have access to clean water no matter what. She is hopeful that Ride for Water will help her learn more about the global water crisis, and she is excited about this opportunity to go on an adventure for something she has always cared so deeply about!

The Men's Team


Rider // Newbury Park, CA

Although Jay may still not know how to cook for himself in the kitchen, he sure does know how to pour a glass of water. While this task may seem simple, it can be rather difficult when you don’t have access to a glass or clean water. He joined this team because there are people all over the world that do not have the same opportunity to excel in the areas that Jay has. Aside from his beverage pouring abilities, Jay loves to do all things outside! This often causes him to get in trouble when he does them inside… As a graduating senior, nothing excites him more than not having a plan after graduation but to change the world for the better one step at a time!



Rider // San Bernardino, CA

Daniel is passionate about people, thrills, and cheeseburgers. If you can’t find him at your local In-n-Out, catch him shredding waves, hitting the slopes, or training for his next triathlon. He loves working with kids, and his career goal is to be everybody’s favorite friendly-neighborhood history teacher. He loves to see the value in others and is convinced that if he can make a difference in one person’s life, then it would all be worth it. His alter-ego is a summer camp counselor, but this year Daniel is trading in his fanny-pack, visor, and crazy socks for a bicycle, a helmet, and the open road. He is participating in Ride For Water because he believes that what is most important about his humanity is the ability to care for others.


Rider // Glendora, CA

Kody is currently a graduate student and has followed Ride for Water since it first was created 6 years ago. He is an avid cyclist and cannot wait to make the trek across the country to help raise awareness and funds to fight the global water crisis. Kody recognizes the privilege he has in being physically and financially able to be a cyclist and hopes to use this to help be a part of something bigger. When he’s not on his bike, you can find Kody reading poetry, watching One Tree Hill, or spending time with his family. Kody is both excited and honored to be apart of this year’s team!


Rider // Los Gatos, CA

Bryce is a graduating senior, getting degrees in Psychology and Biblical Studies. He has always had a love for the outdoors and often finds himself spending time hiking or backpacking through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. However, he loves nothing more than being with his family. He has always been touched by the communities that have surrounded him and is thankful for those who have supported him throughout his life. Because of the effect, others have had in his life, he is excited to be able to have the opportunity to serve others the way he has been served. Ride for Water provides Bryce with the chance to serve communities, and people that he would not otherwise have the ability to. The opportunity to help communities of people across the world get clean water is something Bryce is incredibly stoked to be a part of.



Driver // Roseville, CA

It doesn’t take much for Jameson to get behind a cause like Ride for Water. And add in 13 other amazing people, he can’t say no. As a Business: Finance major he is passionate about maximizing the impact the contributions made to our cause. Accessible and sustainable water sources for communities that don’t have them is key to economic growth. Jameson has seen how charity: water is an amazing organization that is making significant progress towards ending the global water crisis. Jameson could not be more excited to go on this adventure as a driver, supporting the riders during one of the biggest physical and mental challenges of their lives.


Driver // Corona, CA

Jonathan is passionate about using the time, talents and resources he has been given to help serve the needs of our world. When Jonathan first heard about Ride For Water and understood the burden that a lack of clean water places on entire communities, his decision to travel across the country to campaign for change was made without hesitation. Jonathan is compassionate, kind-hearted and eager to see the vision of clean water become a reality for men, women, and children around the world. As a driver on this years team, he is excited to network and pave the way for this incredible ride to take place.