Washington Route

Riding from Westport, WA to New York, NY - all in the name of clean water.

Rider // Anchorage, AK

“Growing up in Alaska, I was constantly surrounded by water as both a natural sight and an everyday, expected, resource. However, as I continue to further my awareness on other countries I have become increasingly bothered by the lack of clean water for millions of people. Why am I one of the few people privileged with water at the turn of a faucet while others must walk miles every day for water that isn’t even safe for consumption? 

This is why I am doing Ride for Water: because I have the opportunity, and perhaps even the obligation, to try and contribute to the worldwide efforts to bring clean water to all. I understand I alone cannot solve the global water crisis, but if riding my bike across the country can make even the slightest difference for a person, who am I to not try?”


Rider // San Jose, CA

“I am doing Ride For Water to help end the global water crisis. By partnering with charity: water, and working alongside my amazing team, I hope to bring awareness to this cause. As a future educator, it breaks my heart that the younger generations of the communities affected by unclean water are not able to receive an education. That, along with the many other negative effects of unclean water is why I am taking my summer to ride across the country for clean water. The global water crisis can be solved, and I want to do everything I can to be a part of that change. The phrase coined by charity: water says it best, “the craziest thing we can do is nothing.” “


Rider // Olympia, WA

“During my Spring 2019 semester I was able to study abroad in Uganda for five months. Living there, I was hit with the reality of clean water being a limited resource for the majority of the world. Water is life. It hydrates our bodies, allows us to cook our food, and is the most important factor in disease prevention. Having access to clean water should not be a privilege but a basic human right. Clean water improves global health, keeps children in school, and empowers women. Coming home from Uganda, I knew I needed to take what I learned and put it into action. That is why I am riding for water.“


Driver // Lakewood, CA

“The global water crisis is a cause I care deeply about and don’t believe receives as much attention as it should. To me, access to safe, clean water is a basic, fundamental human right. I see it as a great injustice that millions of people don’t have access to one of life’s most essential elements. By driving across the country, my goal is to serve as a vessel to increase peoples awareness and understanding of the water crisis and how they can help. I want to show people they don’t have to travel from coast to coast or lie the well’s bricks themselves; they can help just as much, if not more, from right where they are.”



Driver // Bothell, WA

“Access to clean water isn’t a reality for 633 million people around the world and that saddens me more than anything. I have had the opportunity through my family business to visit Kenya and put in clean water wells in villages. I have seen how positively it can impact a community to have access to clean water. This is why I have decided to drive for Ride for Water across the country to share with friends and strangers about  the water crisis and how they can help.